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Hello dear reader and listener,

My name is Yvette Troyna. I’m a serial entrepreneur.

OK. Let me try that again. The truth is, my chest always puffed with pride about lacking an addictive personality. I was so addicted to toxic positivity that it nearly killed me. I believed that the old saying, “mind over matter” was vital to validate self worth.

As we begin setting the tone for honesty here in Superpower School, I finally got the picture when 2020 wiped out every semblance of roots I thought I’d cultivated for a happy life.

I began my road to self acceptance from the flat of my back at the tender age of 53. I had built my own version of the American Dream, with all the sweat and blood I could extract from this singular body. Lovely independent adult children,
an address in a coveted community, and a thriving business as the premier boutique wedding catering company. My staff loved me almost as much as I loved them. My clients were enamored with the mystique that I’d created with my formal education in Positive Psychology. I knew how to soothe the mother of the bride, help the groom choose wisely at every bend, and make sure the bride felt like she was the belle of her ball. All while handmaking thousands of finger foods, managing a staff, and displaying my infamous, robust grazing tables.

I don’t know how many times someone who knew me well would exclaim with hushed awe (in hindsight I wonder if it was whispered concern?!) “You are the swan. So serene and poised on the surface yet paddling madly underneath to make it all come together over and over and over again. How do you do it?!”

Truth was, I was happy because I focused on the positive. I ignored the negative. I stuffed down all the hard things I needed to say but was so terrified of confrontation that I turned it into cancer. It was a form of toxic positivity, and my mind and body paid the ultimate price.

In 2017 I healed ovarian cancer amidst it all, and soon felt invincible. In 2018, I rebuilt the lag my company experienced during my health crisis and was pivoting to add a full service venue so that I could take a managerial stance. I just didn’t have the same stamina. Imagine that! Suddenly 2020 hit, right after my brother suddenly died on Christmas Eve 2019, and three weeks later, I found my husband dead on the bathroom floor. Little did I know, I spent the last of my adrenalin trying to revive him for an hour until paramedics arrived.

After the funeral in February, shelter in place orders hit and wiped my business calendar clean in 12 hours. My manager and I quickly regrouped and reformulated our mammoth big scale operation to provide single meal delivery services to our homebound community. Meanwhile I was sicker and sicker each day.

By the time I realized that my manager was up to shenanigans in my very own home, my long time mentor and father figure died as well. It was all too much. My adrenal crisis took front stage. The only stage. And while I laid there, old trauma surfaced, forcing me to face every bit of unsung music my past was determined to sing.

I sold my property to pay for medical care and set out to choose life over death.

With my life force shutting down, I had no choice but to look up from the flat of my back and heal. It was either that or die, and during that 18 month journey into discovering balance through self care and self acceptance, I realized why I had my bachelor’s in Positive Psychology. Superpower School was hatched on my death bed, and while I grieved all that I had lost, I began to shift my perspective. I had time to meditate. I had time to face my demons. I was healing from the inside out, and it was a horrible, marvelous journey.

Please, I beg you, allow me to share what I’ve learned–the hard way. The beautiful way. It might make all the difference in your life, too.

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November 29 2021 EXCITING NEWS!

Today we’re wonkily working through details to properly launch our business offer. While the building’s fire alarm system is tested. All six floors. Gack. Grateful for the tumult. Because my noggin rattles like a maraca, here’s my scaled down pitch for starting fresh with your livelihood. Read on, dear friend! I mean business!

We’re thrilled to offer an excellent option for those washing hands of the standard American workforce, leaving us too exhausted and strapped to maintain any other part of our lives with the grand quality we always dreamed adulting would be.

Here at Superpower School Inc, we offer a business option. You can–and should–own a chapter in your community. What? You don’t have a psychology degree? Not to worry! We like it that way! Because we insist on providing the same curriculum at every chapter each week, your chapter ensures that each member receives the vital quality we promise in terms of authentic mental wellbeing, resiliency and mindfulness.

What? You don’t have time? We understand. That’s precisely why you need a chapter! Because we train each chapter owner at our personal Training Retreats with 12 guests or less. Because we focus the first two days in self-care mode to help it seep into your pores. Bringing in a team of experts to give you massage, acupuncture, facials, infrared sauna, high end spa cuisine packed with nutrition, meditation, tai chi, breathing, sleeping, hygiene, and support with your relationships.

The next two days are all about how to run your chapter in two or three 4-hour workdays/week. Yup. No typos there. We teach a consist 1:1 ratio of work to self-care. Yup. That means for every 4 hours you work, you must have 4 hours of self-care before you resume your next work chunk. And every 2 days of work you perform, you must have 2 days of self-care before resuming your next work chunk. What? You don’t believe that’s possible here in the land of the free? From this recovering workaholic’s mouth to your ears: IT WORKS.

The beautiful thing is this: your initial investment is recuped by the end of the first year. Your members receive top quality, modern lessons on science based, proven positive psychology for a quarter the cost of traditional therapy. You build a community of happy business people with access to a marketplace to sell their products. You support the community around you with a portion of monthly dues. You include marginalized elders as mentors, bridging generational gaps. You watch worn-out, anxious, depressed new members flourish right before your eyes. All because you loved yourself enough to step away from the rat race and try something new. Something special.

Now. If that read didn’t just give you the shivers, this isn’t for you. If you’re like me and can’t wait to get rolling, read on for a glimpse behind the curtain at this brand-new Benefit Company!


Friday: Settle in

Arrive! We’ve arranged your clean, comfortable, private accommodations. You’ll be on your own to rest and unpack, peruse your welcome kit and get settled in to recuperate from your travels. Fresh flowers and fruit, clean beverages, aromatherapy, and mental treats await.

Saturday & Sunday: Self Care Centric

5am-8am Sunrise Breakfast

Our very own CRASH Recovery Protocol mastermind, Chef Jirard, greets you for Sunrise Breakfast. Chat with Chef while savoring an energizing meal. All meals are made with optimal health and taste in mind. During registration, we factor in your health conditions with the utmost passion for wellness.

8am-10am Meditation and quietly sign up for the day’s spa treatments.

10am welcome message from our founder, Positive Living Maestro Yvette Troyna

10:30-3:30 (lunch is at your leisure)

Let the treatments begin! Leave your cares and checkbook behind. Think massage, haircare, facials, wardrobe tips, acupuncture, infrared sauna, tai chi, stretching, etiquette, sleep support, energy management, stress management, positive thinking, sun-soaking (weather permitting) meditation skills. This is your new lifestyle!

5:00 Mmmmm Dinner

Enjoy the finest spa cuisine by Chef Jirard. All ingredients are organic, nonGMO and the menu is designed specifically for this Training Retreat. Take a sweet treat to your room and enjoy a blissful sleep. We recommend allowing your body at least an hour to wind down in bed with tech turned off and lights dimmed before you plan to start your 8-hour sleep cycle.

Monday & Tuesday: Down to Business

5am-8am Sunrise Breakfast

Meals will shift toward brain food for these two days. Enjoy a hearty breakfast before your morning walk, meditation, journaling, shower and be sure to dress for success. Grab a fruit, veggies and spa water to nosh during class as your belly dictates.

10am Class begins!

As a Superpower School Captain, you’re about to revise your lifestyle. No more overtime. No more rushing between commitments, giving half attention to each focus, or pushing self-care to the back burner. This is a lifestyle. It will take two full days to learn how to revise your time management skills, prioritize, balance, unschedule, and truly become present for the person in front of you. Whether that person is your child, lover, client, or the face looking back from the mirror, you’ll come away from this training with new healthy habits for authentic happiness in all areas of your life.

You’ll learn all the ins and outs of business ownership, receive templates, action plans, and tools to hit the ground strolling like a Boss by week’s end. All in all, our goal is to uplift, educate, and inspire you to live at your personal best.


Take a moment to say goodbye over brunch before heading home. We’ll make plans to visit your chapter and expect to see you at our annual Awards Summit in October. It’ll be an exciting departure, as we bid you farewell, but never goodbye. As part of the family, we’ll keep loose tabs on each other as we grow.

And that, my friends, is how we do it here at Superpower School Inc. This Benefit Company makes waves for a better life. Get on board! Our maiden voyage happens March 4-9. We host up 12 guests, so when you buy a chapter, you +1 are locked in. Be there or be square!

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