Grateful for the flu?

It’s hard to believe that I’m sitting here, grateful for having the flu. A year ago I was clinging to my life by a singular thread of adrenalin. Pretty sure there’s more to life than go juice, but it didn’t feel like it at the time.

Today I am feeling all the feels of an otherwise thriving human, and I’m grateful as all get out for the fever and chills that mean my body’s incredible immune system is finally back in the saddle. Thank you, fighter cells, for coming to my rescue! Hot tea, warm blankets, and Fergie for the win. It’s also that time of year for writing projects, and tinkering with all the details behind launching a Benefit company in a few weeks. Whoa Nelly! Am I ready for this?!

According to one of my fave gurus, Seth Godin, the answer is a resounding YESSSSSS! I am so ready for this new project. I’m ready to launch my legacy, decades in the making. It is time to rock and roll, and for me that means rolling with the growing pains that are sure to hit the entire organization as we evolve one step at a time.

Seth Godin writes about shipping things before they are perfect. Knowing when to quit. Putting a date and a “Drop Dead Line” on my Opus is critical before hitting the big red button in 2022.

So what’s that doomsday business all about? You ask? See, it’s best to start a shiny new project with a clear cut Spockesque kill switch in place. That way all parties have a clear indicator that it’s time to fold. Kenny Rogers would be proud, with his classic poker song rambling in the back of my noggin. I don’t plan on running any time soon, however, other players in the game may need to make an exit for a myriad of good reasons unbeknownst to us at this rose-colored glasses juncture.

Just like having the flu changes our schedule of events, backing out of a plan has its honorable place as well. I’ll be building my exit strategy this weekend to ensure a clean break in ranks should any reason present itself as we reveal our beautiful new baby: Superpower School Inc.

This benefit company has many tentacles, much like a benevolent octopus ruling the sea. First wave SPS Inc includes a marketplace feature, where all members get a free space to sell their goods and services before or after meetings. Any savvy business owner sees the financial value of such access to a captive and supportive audience.

Another tentacle envelops a marginalized group of seniors and elders. Instead of being ostracized after retirement and travel plans, seniors can share their wisdom and build important community connections. We pair a scholarship applicant with a senior for unmatched connectivity.

Another tentacle found in Phase 1 of Superpower School Inc is community service. A portion of all dues goes into a membership approved community service project each quarter. We all know that giving feels good, as does receiving when in need.

Another tentacle we love in Superpower School is the education aspect. Everyday language abounds in every topic around mindfulness, wellbeing, and resilience. No fancy jargon or $5.00 words in these classes! Join a chapter and learn about the science based positive psychology curriculum that creates lasting, authentic joy. We differentiate between toxic positivity and positive psychology as 3rd wave psychological care.

Phase 2 tentacles include a Seniority House. Seniors live like college students in a Sorority setting, except classier. Quieter. Instead of keggers, we have live musicians. House Managers are qualified health care providers, psychologists, and personal chefs. Getting old should be fun!

Phase 2 also includes a Kids Version of our curriculum, giving members built in child care before and after each meeting, plus the added benefit of dinner talk on a topic that they both studied earlier that day.

We look forward to opening our doors in early 2022, and are excited to meet you. Hear your story. Help you thrive. Find your legacy, your strengths, and activate them together. We got this! Join us today!

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