I’m absolutely inspired! Today’s post about “Increasing Mental Strength” is inspired by Ambition Circle’s interview of Ollie Ollerton

By Positive Living Maestro, Yvette Troyna

While discovering my legacy, I woke up one day tingling with excitement. See, I suddenly had that light bulb moment. The culmination of decades of self-realization. By combining alllll top five strengths (love, perspective, humor, creativity, and appreciating excellence and beauty) I AM a bona fide positive living maestro! I love shining a light on genius in many forms. I scour my world on the daily for beauty and excellence, humor, and a new perspective via new information, old information, and inspiration for greatness. For light. For good. For all things positive. Sometimes that looks like neutral, or even the opposite of what we may already believe. Read on to learn with me. Let’s learn how to apply positive psychology to activate our strengths to love life!

November 28, 2021

Today I learned something priceless from a quick clip right on face book. Yup. Even social media has its place for greatness, believe it or not! Thanks, Ambition Circle!

Here’s the gist of the interview: Ollie Ollerton was asked one question that shook my platform: “In thirty seconds, what’s something you can share to increase mental strength?” Ollie thought momentarily and replied, “If you’re worried about a situation, write everything down you’re worried about, then cross out the things you can’t control and deal with the things you can.”

Mic drop.

Why do this? Because damn, it feels good! I sat down immediately. I mean, right then and there. I sat down and set up this little cheat sheet to review each and every day before I start my TOP 6 (read that blog next for an excellent way to organize your day and sleep well). Here’s how simple it was to shift my mind from worry wart to easy breezy.

  1. Grab a sheet of paper and a real pen. Seriously. Use the connection between body and mind for this to really cement into your cells. Smart phones are most excellent, and yet there’s a disconnect with goals. Trust me and do it the old school way for this situation 🙂

2. Jot these three columns down with room to write below each:

Situation Worries Fixes

3. Then write down each worry about that situation. Take a quick gander at the items that you have zero control over and strike a very satisfying line through them. Do you feel that immediate weight lifted?? As I saw what was left on the list that IS in my control, my constipated brain suddenly went crazy with fresh action steps ideas, because hey, that’s what we do best as humans!

Here’s an example:

Situation: there’s an elephant in my living room

Worries: will I ever get the smell outa here? Will it trample feline Fergie? What about my flowers? Will it destroy my couch? Has it escaped from a zoo? Was the zoo cruel? Is someone heartbroken, missing their pachyderm pal? Why is it such a hard word to spell? What if it finds the bathtub and won’t leave?

I crossed out everything but the smell, Fergie, the zoo, missing pets and spelling. My fella can get rid of any odor. I’ll put Fergie at the neighbor’s house while I figure the rest out. Call the zoo. For that matter, be efficient and call the local news team. They’ll help me find it’s home and/or expose any animal abuse before it discovers my bathtub. Problem solved with one strategically placed phone call. As for spelling, well, hey technology!

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