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Pink Moon Challenge: 21 Days from Toxic to Pure Happiness

$147 Enjoy this annual Spring challenge, providing personal attention around wellbeing, mindfulness, and self care. Learn how to eat, sleep, self care, get quiet, silence anxiety, dehydrate depression. You'll be surprised by how much healing you can do in the comfort of your own home.  

CRASH Recovery Protocol

$47 Addiction comes in many, many forms, and always leaves us less than our best selves. Discover a simple, self paced, proven system that works for addiction in all forms. Think alcohol, work, control, perfectionism etc.

Superpower School Inc Chapter Membership

$97/month: Gatherings in a virtual or community setting.  Includes access to weekly expert series, special events on social media.

$237/month: Add your choice of 1 of three specialty focus tracks:

  1. Elder Mentoring Track 

  2.  Business Marketing Track

  3. Community Support Track

Start Your Own Community Chapter

We can't possibly impact every community alone. We need a clutch of leaders to help spread our message of  inclusion, self love, wellbeing, vitality, and personal legacy. If you've dreamed of having your own business while making a difference in your community, reach out. We provide training, help you grow, and provide the curriculum, design, and expert speakers to help your community membership level up. Let's do this! TOGETHER!

"I love it here; it's like church...without the guilt." ~anonymous

"Where da BBQ?! OG block party vibes, but erbody invited!" ~Laquisha Brown

"I've never fit with my family of origin. I fit in here. And I love it." ~Keith Wathings 

"This is my tribe. Ubuntu.Welcome--you beautiful creature!"

~Founding Director, Yvette Troyna

"I always wanted to be part of something. Finally found where I belong." ~Gail T.

"I may well be the village idiot here at Superpower School Inc, and I'm ok with that." ~J Jirard Patmon

"As a member of the LGBTIA community, I feel loved. Respected. Thank you." ~A.S.H.

"Happy dancin over here! I discovered my superpowers! Ta-Da!" ~Suri Lantatka


superpower school inc weekly gathering

Hi, thanks for checking us out. "What the heck is Superpower School Inc???" You ask?  We get it. Superpower School Inc is a 100% minority-owned and operated Benefit Company bathed in science-based neo-positive psychology. We threw in all the best retro community bits, shook it up in a jar, let it marry for a while, and out came this leveled up "village 2.0."

Superpower School Inc is where you can dip in weekly (online and in person) to refill your mood, mind, and body with all the best life juice. Think: business connections, emotional vitality boosters, life hacks, and constructive, growth-minded good vibes.

AND just in case you're wondering--not a single shred of religious or political spices in the mix. There are plenty of other places for such things. Here at Superpower School Inc you'll find exactly zero hidden agendas and less judgment. Nada. Nope. Not happenin. Period.   

Looking for a positive online and neighborhood community? Got 'thriving over surviving' on your mind? Ubuntu? uMama? Post trauma growth?  Maybe you're just here like us--craving that sweet OG village potluck vibe. We got you!

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Member Marketplace

Share your small business offerings with members! We enthusiastically support mom and pop shops and community volunteerism. As small business people ourselves, we view our small biz institutions as the backbone to creativity, freedom, legacy building, and wellbeing! 

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Community Outreach

Today's family dynamic is missing a vital component for success: multigenerational support.  Back in the day,  elders watched the kids while the younger generation brought home the bacon. Superpower School Inc creates opportunities to connect and support each other through membership gatherings and community support.

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Expert Spotlight

Enjoy weekly hand-selected experts sharing messages on a myriad  of topics. Think credit building, mindfulness, active meditation, self care techniques, cooking demos, science-based mindfulness. Investing for retirement, anxiety/depression hacks, DIY life hacks, relationships, communication skills.